October 30, 2019

YouTube Extends Access to Augmented Reality 'Try-On' Ad Feature

Following YouTube's launch of their new augmented reality 'Beauty Try-On' feature in June, YouTube has announced that it will be extending its access to more brands.  

In addition to providing more beauty brands access to the function, YouTube will add AR ads to its Masthead ad placement options, making it easier for users to find. Brands will be able to push their ads to the front page and improve overall discoverability. Additionally, brands will be able to place their AR ‘Try-On’ ads in search results and in the ‘Up Next’ section of YouTube, increasing exposure and ultimately leading to more traction.  

This new addition will help beauty brands who are looking to find new ways to promote their products. Currently, YouTube’s AR ‘Try-On’ ads are displayed split-screen, with a video about the product on top, and your phone’s front camera view on the bottom. Trying on all the shades of your favorite lipstick will be as simple as clicking a button, much like selecting an Instagram face filter.  

While Facebook introduced a similar function with selected brands last year, Instagram has also begun testing the same feature within the app. With augmented reality tools constantly evolving, we expect to see brands integrate these functions into their campaigns. Right now it may just be in the realm of beauty products, but we can see this expanding into a wider range of products like eyewear or even clothes. This will change the way users shop online, allowing them to try on a variety of products at their fingertips. As augmented reality is becoming more popular and used in e-commerce, we are excited to see how AR functions will evolve and change the landscape of online shopping as a whole.


– Brittney Au
Associate Art Director