April 14, 2021

New Video Speed Dating on Facebook? Yes, it's true.

We’ve all been there. Online dating and the mysteries of why we swipe left. Alas, social media giant Facebook to the rescue with a ’New Product Experimentation’. Why does Facebook want to get into speed dating you may ask? Well because they certainly can afford to.

The team has begun initial testing of its latest project, called ‘Sparked' which enables users hold chats with would-be matches. You then have the option to hold short video chats with potential matches, followed by a longer video chat to assess suitability, before taking things further on your own accord.

The app aims to 'skip the swiping', making dating and getting to know someone based on more than just looks. Facebook is removing this ‘swiping’ element of modern dating, in order to provide a more specific match, based on a user’s noted traits and interests.

This new app development, led us to ask ourselves, could a brand use this feature to meet consumers? Could this be a way for brand experts to consult directly with a consumer? How will advertising be targeted to this app and how can we get in on it? All of these answers and more to come in our upcoming newsletters. Stay tuned.

Source: Social Media Today