November 15, 2019

Instagram Takes on TikTok

Instagram is launching a video-music remix feature allowing you to create 15-second video clips, add music to them, and upload to your Stories. Sound familiar?

Looks like they’re hoping to capture users who frequent TikTok.  Instagram Reels, which has no release date yet in the US, will feature a massive collection of music, different native features to spruce up the video, and the ability to reach new audiences in the new “Top Reels” section of the Explore Feed.

TikTok, whose community is now 1.5 billion users (122 million people in the US), has been the talk of the social media town lately with people already downloading their clips and adding them to Instagram Stories.  

Will Instagram be successful in this new space? Most likely, considering they can reach billions more through their platform.

Using Instagram Reels: Users can access Instagram Reels through their Stories, next to Super-Zoom and Boomerang. You can record your own video, add music, search trending Reels, and trending songs. Although Instagram will be adding several editing tools for Reels in the coming months, currently there are timed captions and ghost overlays.  

What do you think? Will you be using this new feature on Stories?


-Nic Mercado
Director of Operations