November 20, 2020

Understanding Social Content Needs in 2021.

Social media content will never be the same as we move away from one of the most tumultuous years in our modern global history. Consumers are going to be looking for content that speaks to the "4 Cs" - Community, Cleanliness, Compassion and Contactless.

When we look at mentions of the 4 Cs in relation to COVID-19, we can see they’re still conversation drivers— these topics are still trending online. Your consumers are turning to brands for information and reassurance relating to the crisis and to understand more about your approach. This is the new normal in marketing and will continue well in to 2021.

One example of this shift from brands is KFC who recently decided to change their "Finger-Licking Good" slogan as it's not inline with the 4 Cs to encourage this type of action when eating their communal style foods. In 2021, brands will have to be part of these COVID-19 conversations, though they’ll need to assess the topic carefully to ensure their communication is relevant.

So as you're starting to think about content creation strategies in 2021, be sure to consider the 4 Cs and assess what topics you want to address as it relates to your business and which topic might be best to avoid.

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