April 6, 2020

Key Snapchat Trends During COVID-19

As expected, social media apps are seeing a rise in usage over the past couple of weeks due to the quarantine of COVID-19. Snapchat just released a report highlighting usage and search trends from its platform. Here are the biggest takeaways:  

1. Staying in Touch: It's reporting that there is a 50% increase in video calls and a 25% increase in normal usage of Lenses as people are looking to stay in touch with the outside world now more than ever.  

2. Crafts and activities that can be done at home are the number 1 and 2 most searched categories on the platform, followed by media in thrid.  

3. Online shopping for athleisure, pet products, and home goods is trending as is home fitness solutions like classes and equipment.  

Snapchat reports that its ads are performing better, with a 36% increase in install volume for app ads and a 19% increase in swipe-up rate over the last month. Now is an important time for social if looked at through the proper lens.  

To read the full report click here: https://bit.ly/39IxCu9  

-Sarah Aiken  
Associate Strategist