July 14, 2020

A Video Format To Safely Uplevel Your Shoot

Content shoots already have the potential to be limited due to things like budget, staff size, or weather complications. In the past 4 months, social distancing has caused some major hurdles in planning productions, especially for video content. Brands and content creators have found alternatives from previously larger shoots by scaling back with home studios and developing different video styles that require less shoot time.

Historically on social media, videos garner more engagement than photos. However, video often takes longer to shoot and edit. An emerging trend like creating a parallax video, out of what was originally a photo, is a way to still have eye-catching video content. All with less time spent shooting during a health crisis. Even if all you have access to our stock photos, finding the right editor can bring your photos to life in a more dynamic way. PetaPixel calls this parallax style 2.5D. It's almost 3D but uses innovative editing techniques to layer a photo and animate it to slow zoom and pan out.

A parallax video creator who has recently shared some mesmerizing photos-turned-videos is @creyety on Instagram. Imagine taking a photo of a scenic landscape and turning it into THIS.

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-Nancy Oganezov
Senior Community Editor