February 20, 2020

Snapchat Launches "Here for You" to Address Mental Health Concerns

On February 11th, Snapchat announced a new mental health resource called Here for You, which is the first product launch around their larger health and wellness push to be rolled out over the next few months. Here for You is designed to provide “proactive in-app support [for those] who may be experiencing mental health or emotional crisis, or who may be curious to learn more about these issues and how they can help friends dealing with them.”  

The feature is activated by keyword searches and will display expert-vetted safety information related to the keywords. This information ranges from depression and stress to grief and suicidal thoughts. For instance, if a user were to search “anxiety,” they would receive options to read articles about anxiety as well as view Snapchat's original programming that deals with the subject. Since Snapchat is the platform of choice among younger audiences, this added feature is sure to greatly serve that at-risk demographic.


-Ian Mofford
Influencer Manager