January 7, 2020

How will Influencers Change in 2020?

Influencer Marketing is a phrase we've all become very comfortable with, but where is it heading in 2020? Forbes spoke with influencers, their managers, and experts in the industry to get their thoughts on how they are working to keep up with the ever-growing changes in social.

So what's next for 2020? Will we see Influencers in Super Bowl commercials? Is TikTok surpassing Instagram? See what a few experts had to say below.  

Erika Costell — YouTuber, singer, entrepreneur: “The first trend that I see is that people want compelling "bite-size" content that they can quickly consume and share with their friends. That is why TikTok is taking over. I believe that brands working with influencers, on this platform, will continue to find a way to integrate their message in just a few seconds.

Jordan Worona — CEO of We Are Verified: "It’s the influencers who have built a real relationship, and trust with their audience, who are winning. 2020 will also showcase a much deeper conversation surrounding the negative impacts of social media on our mental health"

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-Sarah Aiken
Associate Strategist