January 23, 2020

Instagram Brings DMs To Website

It’s true, it’s here. IG finally allows you the ability to DM your friends, family, frenemies, brands etc. on almost all your devices via IG’s website (hold for iPads). You may not have the feature just yet as IG is testing it on a few (lucky) global users however, it should roll over to the general public shortly.  

What’s different? Nothing really, you should be able to have the same experience complete with being able to get DM notifications on your desktop. This should offer a more streamlined approach to the ways you can communicate on social media.

As far as future plans go Mark Zuckerberg hopes to connect FB, What’sApp and IG users to be able to message each other regardless of what platform they are using so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.  


-Christian David
Creative Content Director