November 20, 2020

The Similarities between 2020's Most Effective Social Campaigns

Recently Facebook's 'Creative Shop' analyzed some of the most effective brand campaigns from around the world on their Instagram and Facebook platforms to come up with 6 key similarities they all share. We have listed these takeaways below but if you would like a more in depth description, specific campaign examples of each of the points, key learnings and measurable business impacts please view the full article here: https://bit.ly/2UABAjn

1. They have an open dialogue
People come to Facebook's platforms with the desire to discover, connect and express. Campaigns that cater to these needs by opening a dialogue—by delivering creative that enables people to see, try on and identify with ideas—often drive stronger results.

2. They cultivate culture
Facebook's platforms are the front door of culture, where people see and experience what's happening around them. Campaigns at the forefront are building ideas and creating artifacts that not only capture the current zeitgeist, but weave into it.

3. They serve others
Facebook's platforms empower anyone to advocate for a better world, and advertisers are not just able to use their voices for the benefits of others—they're expected to. Breakthrough campaigns are finding creative ways to address important issues and spark action.

4. They astound communities
Community lies at the heart of the experience on Facebook’s platforms, with people seeking to deepen connections and share their passions with others. Brands that understand, amplify and astound communities are building lasting bonds.

5. They break the mold
People on Facebook’s platforms constantly surprise each other with new ways of expression and connection. Advertisers that break through are creating equally innovative campaigns that challenge assumptions and defy well-established norms.

6. They push the purpose
Facebook’s platforms are the heart of expression for many. Breakthrough advertisers are finding common ground with people’s personal brands and highlighting how their products and services serve a higher purpose.

To dive deeper into specific campaign examples of each of the points above, key learnings and measurable business impacts please view the full report here: https://bit.ly/2UABAjn