January 7, 2020

What Brands Should Keep In Mind for 2020

2020 is here and with new platforms, features and ever-growing audiences, it can be hard to navigate. Here are five key pieces of information to keep in mind for the upcoming year.  

1. Social Commerce will Expand - Brands will continue to sell their products on social and will only get stronger. Instagram introduced more features that allow influencers to tag products that have helped gain more traction for brands and partnerships.

2. Niche Social Platforms will begin to take over. TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitch are all platforms to watch this year as they are growing exponentially and have proven that audiences are flocking to them.  

3. More Regulatory Control and Legal Scrutiny - social networks and lawmakers have tightened up privacy and regulation on social for the upcoming year. California’s new privacy act (you can read more about that here) will require many companies to comply with how they collect information from their users and will let customers take back control of their privacy.  

4. Augmented Reality is enhancing our photos and stories in ways that continue to go viral across each social platform. These will not slow down for 2020 and will be adopted by other platforms that have not used them yet as well as brands. Sephora is now letting users try on makeup through Facebook Messenger using Augmented Reality. This helps customers with their buying decisions and gives them a unique and memorable experience.

5. Personalization - this has been used by paid media for years and will start to become a key aspect across all forms of targeting. Having personalized ads and locally targeted ads will become commonplace in 2020.


-Sarah Aiken
Associate Strategist