September 5, 2019

Say Hello to Virtual Reality #SelfCare

Virtual Reality has entered our daily lives in many capacities but now it is taking on the #SelfCare industry. Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is one of the world’s first virtual reality massage centers complete with calming aromas, therapeutic heat, and even tropical breezes all in an ultra-luxe massage chair.

With ten different VR massage experiences, expect your senses to be fully heightened with beautiful 3D visuals, the heat of the sun rays you “lay under”, and even a comfortable breeze that kicks up once you start your massage. Each massage is purposefully set to 30 minutes so people can quickly come in during their lunch breaks or before any big meetings to calm their nerves.

Founder, Micah Jackson, considers it be quite the compliment for guests to reach peak relaxation (aka sleep) as his goal is to ease you into comfort. We may or may not have accidentally dozed off mid-way through our massage.

-Stephanie Shim
Sr. Creative Content Manager