February 8, 2023

A Look Inside Our House

January has been a busy month for our team at Social House®. We're pleased to highlight one of our newest client partnerships in 2023, HALF MAGIC Beauty, a multi-dimensional beauty brand and subsidiary of A24.

About Them: The brand was inspired by the talented mind of Make-Up Artist, Donni Davy who created key looks for HBO's groundbreaking series, Euphoria. From eyes, to face, to lips, to adornments, HALF MAGIC encourages you to create your deepest dream self by being absolutely and unapologetically you. Made for makeup extroverts and introverts, newbies and pros, young and old, HALF MAGIC is for the boldest of the bold, as well as the understated minimalist.

What We’re Doing: We’re in the studio and bringing to life something truly amazing. Stay tuned for more from our Half Magic Beauty x Social House, Inc. collaboration.  

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