October 7, 2019

Instagram Launches a New Messaging App for Close Friends Called 'Threads'

Instagram has had a big week. With the launches of new IGTV features and the announcement of their new account @creators that gives insights and best practices specifically for creators - in real-time, they have kept busy.  

And yet, another big update was just released. They have announced their new messaging feature, Thread. This is an in-app messaging platform specifically for you and your 'Close Friends' to keep up with each other.  

According to Social Media Today, "Threads is designed for more specific, intimate communication, which aligns with internal Instagram data showing that 85% of the messages shared on Instagram are distributed to the same three friends, as opposed to people using Direct as a broader connection tool."  

At its core, it is another messaging tool but what sets it apart is the ability to set a status (AIM anyone?). Status allows users to set an emoji to let their friends visually know where they are. Some options include ✈️ (for at the airport) or ?(for in the wild).  

This is an interesting way for you to keep up with your friends, all in one app. Will you be using Threads?


-Sarah Aiken
Associate Strategist