October 7, 2019

Beyond Cute Face Filters: Instagram Launches AR "Try-On" Capabilities for Select Advertisers

As of October 3rd, Instagram is taking that concept a step further into the future by utilizing its sophisticated AR (Augmented Reality) technology for something other than face filters that make you look like a cat.

Select brand partners, such as MAC and Ray-Ban, are now able to utilize this technology within ads on Instagram to allow consumers to “try-on” their products from the comfort of their phone.  

The same way a face filter gives you dog ears that move and adapt to your facial movements, this “try-on AR” will give you a lifelike overlay of the product in question to give you a better idea of how the real thing will look, should you choose to buy it.

Now, instead of having to drive to a MAC store for lipstick or take a gamble ordering online without sampling it, a user can flip through color options on their phone, all being applied to their lips instantly via AR.  

This tool comes at a time when Instagram is aggressively pushing its e-commerce capabilities forward – making it increasingly convenient and desirable to purchase straight from the platform.


-Ian Mofford
Influencer Manager