March 17, 2021


As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world and impacted brick-and-mortar businesses, social commerce became a mainstream term. The rise in ecommerce combined with the 16.4% growth in social media usage year-over-year launched 'social commerce' into overdrive. In the coming years, social commerce is estimated to increase at an eye popping rate of 31.4% as shoppers stick with the digital habits they have become accustomed to and as both ecommerce and everyday brick-and-mortar retailers quickly adapt to the accelerated online sales boom.

So, why should your brand care about social commerce?

The blending of e-commerce and social media is impactful, influential and powerful. It allows potential shoppers and consumers to view content and products they usually would not seek out on a traditional ecommerce platform. While consumers may go online to search for a product that they need, social commerce provides an opportunity when people go online without knowledge of what they're looking for or the intent to buy. As brands continue to utilize strategic marketing agencies that are successful in leveraging social media checkout, shopping integrations, influencers and paid media, consumers will likely engage with social commerce more often. In return, promoting brand awareness and driving sales.

According to a GlobalWebIndex survey, 17% of internet users in the US and the UK said they were inspired to make a purchase in the past month because of an influencer or celebrity social media post. The response showed that influencers had as much sway over purchases as newsfeed ads (17%) and ads on stories (16%).

Here's where Social House, Inc. comes in. We've taken our expertise and knowledge of the above and created the TriVision Approach. The TriVision methodology includes an end-to-end strategy across every touchpoint. We bridge the trifecta of Content Creation, Influencer Marketing and Paid Media Placement to pave a path forward. Want to learn more? Contact us at hello@socialhouseinc.com.

Source: Research and Markets