February 9, 2023

Website Relaunch // The Vision

Last year, our team conceptualized and created more than 1,200 original content assets, reached over 675 million people, and drove engagement for our clients into double digit growth across the board. Despite the many success stories that we’ve created as a team, one of the biggest challenges we faced was having to look inwards and rebrand ourselves. Can anyone else relate to this challenge?

We started by asking ourselves questions about the most crucial needs of our clients, our passion, and the future of digital marketing. After tapping into the next evolution of our purpose and mission as team, we’re pleased to share with you a new vision for Social House. One that conceptually brings to life our latest work, clients, team, and methodologies that we use to make what we do so powerful.

Check out our new site at to learn more about how we fuel digital growth via visionary social storytelling.

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