April 30, 2020

Donation Stickers

Instagram and TikTok have been racing to release new features that help users and people during this time. Instagram has launched new stickers, features and tips to keep people connected while TikTok has been hosting Live prom events and working with creators to give users a little bit of happiness.  

Both apps this week, launched donation features to help small businesses and creators.

Instagram has added a Live donation features to Instagram Live. It's no secret that Lives have become more popular in the past 7 weeks while people are looking for ways to bring their community online. Now, you can host a Live fundraiser for your business Live. In a statement from Instagram  

"When you donate to a nonprofit fundraiser on Live or in Stories, you can access the sticker for a select period of time. Accounts you follow who use the “I Donated” sticker or donation sticker will be added to a shared story at the front of your Stories bar for a limited time, allowing you to see how your community is helping support those affected by COVID-19."

This is a great way to get support or give support right now.  TikTok launched donation stickers this week and is vowing to match donations up to $10 million for TikTok Live streams. TikTok explains in a statement:  

"When a user taps on the Donation Sticker, they will be guided to a pop-up window where they can quickly and easily submit a donation without having to leave the app."  

Both apps are doing a great job with quickly releasing features that help their communities.  


-Sarah Aiken, Associate Strategist