January 7, 2020

Breaking Down California's Privacy Act

Califonia's Consumer Privacy Act officially took effect on January 1, 2020 and here is everything you need to know about it.  

This is a state-level law that requires California companies to notify users of the intent to sell their data, allow customers a straight forward way to opt-out, and honor their decision.  

TechCrunch broke down a top-level list of key information surrounding this act: 

  • Businesses must disclose what information they collect, what business purpose they do so for and any third parties with whom they share that data. 
  • Businesses will be required to comply with official consumer requests to delete that data. 
  • Consumers can opt-out of their data being sold, and businesses can’t retaliate by changing the price or level of service.
  • Businesses can, however, offer “financial incentives” for being allowed to collect data. 
  • California authorities are empowered to fine companies for violations. 

While this is already in effect, there is a six-month grace period to allow for honest mistakes and education around the new bill but come June offenses will be assessed and fined as needed.  

To read more about this new law click here:

-Sarah Aiken  
Associate Strategist