June 18, 2020

Instagram Addresses Potential Areas of Racial Inequality on its Platform

In a video published to his feed last week, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri addressed the role the platform has played in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, while also noting areas where it has fallen short. The areas noted relate to concerns they received that Instagram suppresses Black voices via allowing harassment, alleged “shadow banning,” and content takedowns. Mosseri has outlined four steps that Instagram will be taking to improve representation and equality on its platform:

1. Addressing potential gaps in its harassment policies
2. Reassessing the verification process
3. Reviewing content policies to eliminate any inherent bias
4. Examining any potential algorithmic bias

While these steps are a great start to addressing racial inequality, the larger work will be complicated and time-consuming due to the extremely technical nature of how Instagram is built. However, with the societal significance of Instagram (and Facebook), this work is clearly necessary and important.


-Ian Mofford
Influencer Manager