July 13, 2020

Designing Ads for Conversion

When investing in an ad in hopes of promoting your product, service, or message, you definitely want creative that will convert. We discovered this helpful infographic for things to keep in mind as you get ready to launch a promotion.

Since about 80% of social media use in the U.S. is done through mobile (Source: https://socialhouseinc.info/2CubBnV) let's focus on optimizing in-app ads specifically.

Facebook in-app ads:
Avoid adding too many details in images: Mere seconds are spent when scrolling past an ad. The fewer details, the quicker your message can get across to your audience
2. Don't explicitly look like an ad: Many of us have ad fatigue. If something is clearly an ad, we might be more likely to look past it. Instead, have your creative be relatable
3. Write short copy so it fits the space: 125 characters is the sweet spot. By keeping it short, viewers don't have to take the extra step of clicking "more" to read a few more words of copy
4. Choose images that go well with the feed: This one's self-explanatory: properly color-correct images and avoid pixelation

Instagram in-app ads:
1. Pair stunning images with great copy: successful ads have the image and copy work together in harmony
2. Stray away from using landscape images: Square or portrait sizing means that your ad will take up more of the mobile screen
3. Use imagery that relates to what you're selling: Keep it straight forward for more impact
4. Describe what can be done with your product: This is your chance to showcase your product's value
5. Avoid too many words on the visual: Again, the less reading viewers have to do, the better

With all this said, it's important to be willing to test different combinations of these tips to see which one can be most impactful for your product's Facebook and Instagram ads.

For more insight on Social Media Ad Formats, check out Social House Society HERE.

-Nancy Oganezov
Senior Community Editor