January 7, 2020

You Keep Me Young, Snapchat

Youth. Something brands have been trying to capture since advertising began. They are what's next, the future, and an important audience to capture. Both Pinterest and Snapchat have released rising trends for 2020 based on interest on their perspective platforms. These will be important for brands to pay attention to as they are a small insight into youth culture.  

90's are back: Both Pinterest and Snapchat have focused on nostalgia continuing to rise for 2020. Monopoly, Scrunchies (which have grown on Pinterest 6309% this year), and 90s hip-hop are all here to stay (or back to stay) in 2020.  

Year of the Vibe: 2020 has been dubbed the "Year of the Vibe" by Snapchat, which of course is, a Whole Vibe. People will be getting more in touch with their creative passions whether that be sewing, pottery, or photography.  

Balance and Wellness: Putting yourself before your selfie is going to be a large focus for youth in 2020. Focusing on mental health and well-being and discovering who they are.  

For the full list from Pinterest, click here:
For the full list from Snapchat, click here:

-Sarah Aiken
Associate Strategist