May 16, 2019

Twitter Lets You Add GIFs to Retweets (Finally)

Twitter just announced that users can add GIFs to retweets via mobile (finally). Sometimes the things said on Twitter can leave you speechless so this is a great way to get your point across (via GIF).

“Starting today, you can do something new with your Retweets – add a GIF,” Twitter said. “Now, the same photos, videos, and GIFs that you add to a Tweet can be added to a Retweet, making it easier to share what’s on your mind and join the conversation when you can’t find the right words.”

Although this feature is not yet applicable to desktop, it’s a step in the right direction for mobile Twitter users hoping to share exactly what’s on their mind via Gifs.

Source: http://sclhs.in/2MST2t

-Jake Skolnick
Client Services Coordinator