October 13, 2016

Social Media // Agile Strategy Steps

With social media’s unpredictability, these steps are sure to make your social media strategy agile enough to accommodate the always changing world of digital marketing.

  1. Always Test: Social media can change in a blink of an eye so to keep the basic details of your strategy current, allow room in your budget to test things frequently. This way you can take advantage of the latest trends without altering your strategy dramatically.
  2. Analyze Performance: Pay attention to performance metrics on a regular basis to understand what is working and what is not. Looking at it from a overall strategy and channel-by-channel standpoint will give a better understanding of what needs to be adjusted.
  3. Schedule Follow-up Meetings: Based on the steps above, set up time to reassess your strategy and make it a priority to set reminders to take time for yourself to review goals.