June 27, 2019

Snapchat, Gen Z, and How Brands Can Connect with Them

Snapchat recently published a study on the habits of Gen Z and their social media usage habits. Where millennials have been at the forefront of marketers minds recently, this 70-page report proves that Gen Z is quickly becoming the generation to market to, especially on social.

According to the Snap report,

“[Gen Z] are setting a new tone for visual culture – after an era of posed photos against millennial-pink backdrops, a new wave of content mixes selfies with spoken word, imperfect collages with augmented reality (AR) landscapes, and illustration with candid livestreams. This is layered with the need to live their truth, and an acute sense of social responsibility.”

Gen Zs have grown up in a world with social media making them more connected and digitally savvy than any generation before them. Over 51% of gen Zs believe their generation is more creative than others and over 56% of them use social media as a place to creatively express themselves.

These are just a few of the interesting insights Snap found about Gen Z in their report which help give more insight into why their app is so popular amongst that generation. Snap mentioned “From its inception, Snapchat has inherently created a frictionless space where gen Z creatives can experiment with their identities, yet not have to feel like they’re “on brand” in communicating to their close friend groups.

Some shade at Instagram’s very curated aesthetic but interesting none-the-less. Gen Zs like the opportunity to express themselves creatively, on social media without judgment or guidelines. Interesting to note for marketers looking to market to them. Stay tuned for more on this digital generation.

You can find Snapchat’s full “Into Z Future Understanding Generation Z, the Next Generation of Super Creatives” report here.

Source: http://sclhs.in/mtJAYT

-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor