March 31, 2016

Snapchat // Chat 2.0

This week Snapchat launched Chat 2.0, a combination of text, video, audio, doodles, and emoji’s all available in one seamless interface. The new features allow private conversations to transform into what users want to show or tell, placing itself as the most lively way to chat.

Chat 2.0  enhances user communication by giving users the ability to audio or video call someone regardless of their current chatting conversation. Snapchat’s new features set a solid foundation for user social experience and interaction that goes beyond face-to-face conversation.

Key features in Chat 2.0:

* Snapchat stories auto-advance to the next story in your list of friends

* Over 200 stickers are now available in private chat

* Video notes in chat allows you to send quick GIF’s

* Ability to send multiple photos at one time in chat

Snapchat is surely becoming a mecca for communication as it is a direct window into your friends lives. We’re excited to see what is to come! Xx