August 9, 2019

Meme Accounts Beware

Meme accounts, beware. Instagram has set its sights on memers who have reportedly violated Instagram’s terms and services. Over 30 accounts, some with followerships as high as 40 million, have been taken down by Instagram in the last week. These accounts were bringing in five-digit figures to their creators.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Daily Dot, “These accounts were disabled following multiple violations of our policies, including attempted abuse of our internal processes.”

Many of these meme accounts took assets from Reddit and Twitter and posted on their channels without crediting the source. Some Instagram users are happy the platform is taking strides in preventing plagiarization without credit, while others miss having pages that accumulate the best of the best on the internet.

For meme accounts and brands to survive in today’s age, they’ll have to adapt and credit. OR PERISH.


-Michael Voloshin
Sr. Account Strategist