June 7, 2019

Live Guests is the Newest Feature from Twitter

Exciting news for Twitter fans as the platform officially announced its new live streaming option ‘Live Guests’ that will allow users to add guests (audio-only) into their conversations.

However, there are some rules…

The new option will allow viewers to ‘apply’ to participate in a conversation but once approved the streaming audio will be available to all viewers. Up to three guests can participate and are able to drop off at any time. Twitter shared that this latest update brings ‘’another dimension” and going forward Tweets can be experienced IRL.

The new feature does not offer video co-streaming yet, leaving some to believe the platform falls behind Instagram and Facebook in terms of overall feature innovation. This latest announcement makes us wonder if ‘stories’ are coming soon for Twitter or, fingers crossed, something no one else has done before.

To learn how to go live on Twitter, click here.

-Allison Beck
VP of Client Relations and Partnerships