June 28, 2019

LinkedIn Adds New Features

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a social network competitor, especially with their latest features announced last week. Going more toward conversations, LinkedIn is hoping people will utilize its platform to do more than job search. Here’s a full rundown of all the latest features announced!

1. Tag People Share a photo and tag people to increase visibility on feeds. Keep your communities smaller and introduce friends, co-workers to your LinkedIn worlds.

2. Reaction Do more than just “like” a post. Now you can show love by “clapping,” giving them a “love” button, or even give them a lightbulb when you think someone has shared something insightful.

3. Video Messages Share a video directly in your messages. You can share ideas, experiences, or a simple hello!

4. Share a Document or Presentation Share documents on your feed, in a group, or on your page. See what others are doing and collaborate on projects together.

5. Post Button The “post” button is now easier to find and can be accessed quicker. The post button can now be found on the bottom (center) of your screen, while the message button is now in the top right corner.

6. Groups and Hashtags Find all your groups and followed hashtags on the right side of your feed. Easily navigate through your groups and discover new hashtags to follow.

What do you think of all the new LinkedIn features? Will these features change the “social” game when it comes to LinkedIn?


-Nic Mercado
Director of Operations and Strategy