June 11, 2019

Instagram Makes Influencer Advertising Easier

Instagram has been busy this week launching new features to help make advertising with influencers easier. The platform is now allowing Influencer posts to be natively turned into ads. This is BIG news for brands. Why you may ask?

In the past, if a brand paid an influencer to create content for them, they would also have to pay for the rights to use that asset for advertising. This new feature, now allows a brand to use that image and promote it to new audiences. This is great news for both the brand and influencer as it will be reaching new audiences for both parties. Now when an influencer uploads a “Promoted Post” there will be an option for them to allow the partner (brand) to boost the post. Now although this may seem like this new feature is shorting the influencer for the money they would have made on the ad, they can still build the cost for advertising into their overall fees. It also allows influencers to gain added exposure paid for by the brand promoting them.

“We hope this update will add value by strengthening the collaboration between businesses and creators. We also hope to improve the experience between creators, businesses, and people – who will be able to discover more brands they may be interested in and shop with the creators they love,” Instagram said in a statement.

This feature is being rolled out over the month of June but will be 100% available to all brand pages by June 17th.


-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor