May 16, 2019

Instagram Launches @shop Page

Adding to its shoppable features, Instagram has officially added its @shop page. @Shop was created to celebrate small businesses and the creative minds behind them. It will allow shoppers to access different products and brands, all in the fashion, beauty, home, decor (and many more) categories.

Similar to shoppable posts and Instagram Stories, users will be able to shop directly from each @shop post. It looks as if Instagram is going full speed ahead with their e-commerce focus, bringing brand partners and shopping to the platform. The account is made up of an internal team and curated to identify trends, brands, and creators that are of interest to all Instagram users. According to Instagram, “the account will be a real-time indicator of what’s new and emerging on Instagram.”

Last March, Instagram announced its “Checkout” feature which allows you to pay for products without ever leaving the platform. With this feature and their launch of @shop, we are bound to see more shop-focused releases in the upcoming months. Are you following @shop yet? Welcome to the future of online shopping.

-Nic Mercado
Associate Director of Operations