June 11, 2019

Instagram Adds On-Screen Lyrics to Music Stickers

New Feature Alert!

Over the weekend, Instagram launched a new sticker for stories, on-screen lyrics.

With this sticker, the user can choose a song to accompany their story and lyrics will play on screen. Being able to add lyrics to a story adds an extra level of creativity and fun to the music sticker. Instagram Karaoke? Well kind of.

This new feature adds a bit of competition for TikTok, who bought in 2017. As you may or may not know, TikTok is heavily focused on lip-syncing videos. The teen-centric app tends to skew much younger, reaching a coveted audience for brand marketers. They recently also launched a music lyrics sticker on their app. How are you using the music sticker? Tag us in your videos on Instagram @socialhouseinc.


-Sarah Aiken
Community Editor