Strategic Content

industry leader in sound for more than 70 years

The Challenge

As an industry leader in sound for more than 70 years, Sennheiser presented a unique challenge: how do we celebrate the heritage of the brand while also positioning them as technological innovators? We knew we needed to access the audiophile community, which can be hyper-specific in its language, needs, and interests. It was vital for us to build credibility for Sennheiser as a brand—not just of yesterday, but tomorrow—for a highly technologically literate, passionate audience.

The Solution

We strategically crafted a compelling new voice and visual identity for Sennheiser across social media platforms. In order to demonstrate that Sennheiser is a modern brand, we showcased them through fresh, minimalistic creative that was consistent with contemporary design trends. Through our messaging, we were able to link Sennheiser with emerging technologies in order to attract the attention of a highly engaged community that’s not afraid to share its own opinions. We allowed the brand to dive deeper into the conversation, positioning the brand as one of heritage, but also one that’s constantly and effectively working to shape the future of audio, with the help of an active audiophile community by its side.

The impact was swift—rapid growth, highly engaged fans, and a blossoming reputation as an industry leader.

Rapid Instagram Growth

In just 9 months, we increased followers from 81K to 131K (a 60% increase).


Highly Engaged Fans on Instagram

The brand enjoyed a 44% increase in post engagement, with an average of 2.2K Likes and comments on each piece of content.

Strong Overall Social Growth

Nearly 10% growth across all social channels, from 1.66M to 1.83M.