Paid Media Content

The Challenge

Schwarzkopf approached Social House to bring a heartbeat to their Professional product line in a way that would resonate with the hair colorist community. Despite their professional audience, the brand wanted to infuse humanity, relatability, and emotion with their line of products and drive engagement across their social media channels.

When targeting professional audiences, it’s easy to sell them products without feeling the need to tell human stories. But in doing so, the community you build feels less connected to you—and by extension, less loyal.

We needed to connect with hair care professionals and colorists in a way that spoke their language, that made them feel truly seen and understood, and that conveyed truth.

The Solution

We developed a content campaign that would allow professional hair colorists and stylists to tell their own stories. Using Social House’s signature TriVision approach, the #ForgingBonds campaign fused paid media, influencers, and organic social media to create the largest possible impact.

#ForgingBonds was about the profound and highly specific relationship between a hair care professional and their clients.

The cornerstone of the campaign was the #ForgingBonds video that Social House produced in order to encourage further UGC amongst the community and inspire other professionals to tell their stories. In the video, our carefully selected influencers shared powerful stories of their most memorable clients.

Every time their client sat in the chair, they picked up right where they left off. The sentiment cascaded through the community, generating hundreds of video responses, millions of views and engagements, and truly gave the Schwarzkopf brand a real, beating heart.

Increased Brand Awareness

The campaign generated over 36 million impressions, and the content video received over 2.5 million views.


A Message That Resonated

The campaign received over 1,500 UGC video responses, and the campaign received a cumulative 2.7M engagements.