Strategy + Content

The Challenge

Playboy is an iconic heritage brand, but over time, its brand image shifted in a direction that fell out of sync with the culture. They came to us to revitalize public perception of what Playboy meant for the 21st century. We needed to reposition their overall strategy, content, voice, and tone across all online entities to make Playboy an authority on “the good life,” grounded in timeless appeal and captivating seduction. Our aim was to once again bring Playboy into the spotlight and infuse it with cultural relevance for a new, elevated worldwide audience. And in order to do that, we had to revitalize Playboy’s social media.

The Solution

So, how were we going to change the perception of a brand that was already known worldwide? It was a steep challenge, but our solution revolved around a strategy with three core objectives:

  1. Rebrand and relaunch Playboy’s social media, so that a clear division between the past and present was established. We needed to make a visceral impact to ensure people knew that big changes were coming for the brand.
  2. Support the relaunch through steady & consistent Instagram content that was aspirational in tone and aligned with the new brand vision.
  3. Provide licensee support via social, including strategy and execution of campaigns to authentically support Playboy fashion and beauty licensees


Not only did we see widespread approval and overwhelmingly positive sentiment for the brand refresh, but Playboy’s social media accounts received an immediate and sustained lift in monthly post engagement, a rapid expansion of follower growth, and heightened brand loyalty among new audiences spanning all 24 time zones. With this expanded, curious fanbase, Playboy has been able to stay relevant and competitive, and will be cherished for its timeless appeal for years to come.

Expanded Facebook Audience

143% increase in fans, from 6M to 16M.


Cultivated Brand Loyalists

417% increase in monthly Facebook engagements, from 1.2M to 6.2M

Curated Powerful Instagram

527% increase in likes and comments to an average of 22.3k per post.