Strategic Content

The Challenge

LORAC Cosmetics came to Social House proud of its 20-year old heritage within the beauty industry, but with the challenge to reinvigorate the brand so that it did not seem dated, but as a fresh, innovative brand that was continuing to make an impact on the world of beauty. This pioneering brand wanted to journey into the realm of social media to propel consumer market awareness and drive sales both digitally and through retail.

It was a big ask: the brand had minimal social media presence, and they wanted to compete in what’s arguably the most crowded industry on social media. But this is exactly the kind of challenge our agency actively seeks. We quickly got to work.

The Solution

LORAC Cosmetics wanted to maximize brand awareness and generate strong word-of-mouth among consumers. They wanted to use social media to build community, start conversations, and reach new audiences. Additionally, they wanted to utilize social media’s visual medium to elevate the brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

Our way forward was clear: influencers. We needed their voices to build trust and credibility for our brand, as well as instill curiosity within their vast network of followers. By combining robust influencer marketing efforts with our own creative content and splashy launch strategies, we were able to build a powerfully engaged, loyal social media community that continually grew by 100K followers every month. We were able to help people see that LORCA Cosmetics was still a relevant brand for young people; that their social media feed was bright, colorful, and full of life; that the brand worked with their favorite influencers; and most importantly, that their products were just as good as their social presence.


  • Instagram: We grew the Lorac Instagram Community from 0 To 1.6 million followers In 3 years/ That’s a rate of 25K new followers every single week—all while starting from scratch.
  • Post Engagement: Average engagement per post increased by nearly 1,300% on Instagram.
  • Annual Growth: LORAC came to us with 25K cumulative followers on Facebook and Twitter. In just two years and with minimal ad spend, we reached 2.8 million.
  • Website Traffic: Our efforts on social media drove so much traffic to the LORAC website that it crashed for several hours (31K people accessed their website to enter a contest over the course of 2 days). Overall, our social media strategy led to an increase in website traffic by 65%.
  • New Product Release: When LORAC launched their new Mega Pro Palette, we built an Instagram campaign from concept to execution. In the 48 hours leading up to the launch, our social media contest generated over 31K entries, and we grew our audience by 8K new followers. Ultimately, the new product sold out within a few hours of its release.