Paid Media Strategy

The Challenge

As a popular computer brand in the late 90s and early 00s, Gateway Computer’s relaunch offered one of Social House’s most unique challenges yet: how do we restore this historic brand to its former glory, after years of inactivity? Alongside our production partner, Company X, we worked to reignite the brand as an emerging key player within the highly competitive computer market, uniquely positioned at the intersection of legacy, quality, and affordability.

We knew brand recognition would skew older, yet the target market for these affordable computers would also include younger generations—especially students. Thus, we needed to test and optimize an agile strategy to ensure we reached both audiences.

The Solution

In order to bridge the gap between generations of Gateway customers, old and new, we implemented the signature Social House TriVision approach, combining fresh organic content with paid media and influencer marketing. In just 4 months, we reached over 20 million people, speaking to them with Gateway’s funny, feel-good brand voice with broad appeal no matter your age. At the same time, we put out tactical, direct response product messaging to fuel interest in Gateway’s library of products, driving nearly 3 million clicks to product pages on a massive online retailer. 

In the end, Gateway’s relaunch was one of the most successful product launches on the digital retailer platform, generating millions in sales. Awareness for the brand’s reemergence also spread rapidly, as audiences celebrated the return of one of the most iconic, nostalgic names in recent decades.

Far-Reaching New Audiences

Our efforts reached over 20M people.


Heightened Brand Awareness

Paid and organic content generated 36M impressions and 2.5M video views.

Compelling Messaging

We made a fading brand name instantly compelling: we drove 2.7M website clicks to product pages.