Strategic Content

Global Strategy Campaign

The Challenge

7UP came to Social House with the opportunity to launch a global initiative centered around Sip Up Summer. As their partner, we brought this campaign to life by creating on-brand content that was unique and localized to markets around the world with their own specific cultures. 

In some parts of the world, summer might still be too cold for shorts and flip flops—so we created a GIF showcasing how you might enjoy a cold, refreshing 7UP… while under a heat lamp in your living room.

Or, maybe it’s too hot where you live, so you’ve packed up your van to travel somewhere cooler, with a chilled 7UP in hand.

Our goal was to paint this picture through the medium of social media, in order to best digitally amplify Sip Up Summer, which the brand had invested in through new packaging and traditional advertising.

The Solution

When we approached this challenge, it was essential for us to get authentic perspectives from around the world. We commissioned creative artists from all over the globe to create content that was both relevant and specific to each target market. In doing so, we created an exciting, and diverse visual campaign that felt fresh on social media. 

We built comprehensive content playbooks for each global market to use with detailed instructions and brand guidelines to ensure exposure was optimized, and the roll-out cohesive.

These content playbooks went out to over 35 countries and 4 social media  platforms, generating brand equity for 7UP amongst a global collective of creative influencers, their followers, and the brand’s audience.


Here are just a few of the amazing metrics we achieved on this campaign:

  • 17 Million global impressions
  • 873K Social Media Engagements across 42 countries worldwide
  • 54% life in website traffic during the campaign period

Content Toolkits for Global Markets

Comprehensive content playbooks were created for markets to use with complete instructions & branded guidelines for optimized exposure and a cohesive roll-out.


Global Distribution

Content playbooks were distributed in 35+ countries and 4 social media platforms, generating brand equity for 7UP amongst a global collective of creative influencers.